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The It’s Not Over Fun Blast is a water balloon fight and inflatable obstacles and the biggest water balloon fight in the world. Our team is looking for self-motivated, hard-working promoters to help our rapidly growing organization.

DESCRIPTION – What does it mean to be a Promoter?

The Promoter will represent the organization in the community where the event will take place and spread the word to their social networks in the months leading up to the event. This important role will rely on the promoter to personally advertise the event using a wide range of tools and strategies to increase the awareness of the event and propel people to sign up for the It’s Not Over Fun Blast. The promoter’s top priority will be to have as many people as possible sign up for the event. He/she will be provided with a unique access to our ticketing system that will allow you to sell tickets. The promoter to be compensated with a 10% of the ticket sold (min. 10 tickets)!

As a promoter, you will be responsible for recruiting people through platforms including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Social Media platforms
  • Email blasts
  • Contacting Universities
  • Contacting local gyms and shops
  • Word of mouth
  • Friends & Family

If you love the Fun Blast as much as we do and want to earn some cash letting your friends know about this awesome event, sign up below! We’d love to learn more about you.

-It’s Not over Fun Blast Team


It’s Not Over Fun Blast Promoter Application

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How do I get paid?  

To get paid for your promoting success you will need to have AT LEAST 10 tickets sold. Our team will reach out to you about payment.


If I already registered, can I go back and get my ticket on my own account to have it count towards my 10 uses?  

No, unfortunately once you sign up there is no way to go back and in the system to change it.. However, if you rack up approximately 10-15 code uses, you will have earned your registration cost back.


Why haven’t I heard back yet?

Don’t fret, this is NOT an automated system. Due to the number of applications we get, we can’t choose you all. You will be notified within a week if you have been accepted to the program.

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