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Our country was started with a Godly foundation. In this time of turmoil it’s best to go back to our original foundation,  God. It’s time for revival in the Land! More prayer,  more praise to God,  more generosity, more love and less worry.  We need to always remember that God is in Control. This is a call to action and I am in. 

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People who hurt you want to harm you

are stepping stones that will take you to 

your Best.  Forgive them then thank them 

for getting you put of your comfort zone.

Greatness lives outside your comfort zone.

Get up and take your greatness!

#itsnotover #itsnotoverbyj #jorgeochoa

When life hits you with a punishing blow

Leaving you on the ground looking up from below

With sickness, divorce, loss of job, loss of family

The challenge is now for you to take courage and not to give up

Your will to survive is now summoned because the pain will seem unbearable.

Even though the odds are against you, you realize that you are more than capable.

So you raise your chin high and take the first step towards winning,

because “IT’S NOT OVER” until you’re achieving.



Don’t let fear make you put your wings away. God said we have Dominion over everything including sickness, problems, and affliction. The World is yours, put on your Wings and Fly!



No need to look further, The Fountain

of Youth has been found and it’s called

Work. To keep your Young, read

and learn more. To keep your

Enthusiasm Young, go after your

Dreams. To keep your appearance

Young, workout Daily and eat Healthy.

Nothing Worth having is Easy or Free.

You can do it! -Jorge Ochoa


Life is tough but that’s not what’s important, what’s Important

is how Tough you are. Life will beat you down but that’s not

what’s important, what’s Important is how you are going to

Fight back and Win. You have the Heart of a Lion. Never Give

up because you are too important. -Jorge Ochoa


The Battle to

Win is between

you and you.

You wear your

full armor at all

times and no

one can defeat

you only yourself.

It’s not over until

you WIN! -Jorge Ochoa


Every step you take towards your Dream

will make the Journey Exhilarating. -Jorge Ochoa



Forgive those who hurt you not because

they deserve it, but because you deserve

the Peace and the Satisfaction

of Strength that comes with it. -Jorge Ochoa



You will shine the Brightest in your

darkness hour. Your biggest problems will be

your Biggest Victories as long as you don’t Give Up/

You were Born a Conqueror, never forget that. -Jorge Ochoa


Remember the last time you said, “I wish I was

rich to help them.” In order to become rich, you

must enrich the lives of others. By you wanting

to help others you are well on your way to

becoming rich. All you have to do is

use the gift that God gave you to help others. – Jorge Ochoa

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Life is a Gift.

Every morning take the present and

unwrap it with action that will take you

to reveal your Dream.

It’s Not Over until the Vision of your Dream

becomes your Present. -Jorge Ochoa

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