Godly Foundation 

Our country was started with a Godly foundation. In this time of turmoil it’s best to go back to our original foundation,  God. It’s time for revival in the Land! More prayer,  more praise to God,  more generosity, more love and less worry.  We need to always remember that God is in Control. This is a call to action and I am in. 

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Take Courage

When life hits you with a punishing blow

Leaving you on the ground looking up from below

With sickness, divorce, loss of job, loss of family

The challenge is now for you to take courage and not to give up

Your will to survive is now summoned because the pain will seem unbearable.

Even though the odds are against you, you realize that you are more than capable.

So you raise your chin high and take the first step towards winning,

because “IT’S NOT OVER” until you’re achieving.