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It’s Not Over is the only Motivation Company of it’s kind in El Paso offering tangible and intangible options for Motivation. It’s Not Over was created by Jorge and Myriam Ochoa, as a bridge to bring everyone the Motivation that will help in accomplishing their Dreams and Goals. It’s Not Over understand that Motivation is the fuel used to Achieve Goals and have dedicated their lives to helping people through It’s Not Over’s Mission and Vission. In order to give the public Motivation, they can wear, It’s Not Over offers it’s Motivational Gear Clothing Line.

To impact the community It’s Not Over focuses on events that will offer the opportunity for families to come together to enjoy the festivities and any free giveaways.

It’s Not Over stays in touch with the community through social media and its website where it offers motivational words of Encouragement. It’s Not Over also provide tailored services to include motivational private speeches and sales coaching provided by Jorge Ochoa. For more information please contact Jorge Ochoa at (915) 497-9501.


Our Mission:

Our Mission is to Empower people through their internal Motivation to meet or exceed their Dreams and Goals.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to touch the lives of the community locally and nationally through our community impacting events and our motivational gear.

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